De Haan the first to “click”

The municipal administration of De Haan and Fost Plus gave the kick-off today for the Click. De Haan is the first town to launch the city cleaning project. It’s a first step towards its ambition to become a model town as regards public cleanliness and recycling of packaging.

In the past few days, residents of De Haan have of course noticed the iconic wrapped rubbish bins. But they had to wait to find out what these were for. Shortly after noon, the first “click” was made by Mayor Wilfried Vandaele, in the presence of the City Council and Fost Plus. They immediately got to work with packaging waste in order to save some Circular UCoins. This gamification aspect, along with the involvement of local merchants, seems to have appealed the most to the town’s mayor.

‘We know how popular games are, and the idea here was to use a game and reward system to encourage people not to litter and to remove it from the environment’, Mayor Wilfried Vandaele of De Haan said.

By thanking explicitly those who are doing a good job, the Click creates a movement that ensures litter disappears from our streets. This change in mentality, linked to getting individuals to take action, ensures that the Click complements any other project on public cleanliness. Fost Plus, the driving force behind the concept, is once again taking steps toward a circular economy for packaging.

The pilot project will run for a year across the entire territory of De Haan.