Cookie policy

Fost Plus uses cookies and pixel tags to make your the Click user experience smoother and more enjoyable, to better tailor the content of the Click application to your needs and preferences, and to differentiate you from other the Click users.  You can refuse the installation of cookies, but then some parts of the application will not work or will not work properly. This cookie policy contains more information on the use of cookies and the possibility to block cookies at any time.

A cookie is a text file that is placed by an application on your mobile device when you use an application. Cookies can be placed by Fost Plus itself or by partners with which Fost Plus cooperates (so-called 'third party cookies'). Such cookies contain a unique code that either allows your device to be recognised during the use of the application (a so-called 'session' cookie) or also during later, repeated use of the application (a so-called 'permanent' cookie).

The server of an application can only read the cookies it has placed itself. It does not have access to any other information stored on your mobile device. The content of a cookie usually consists of the name of the server that placed the cookie, an expiration date and a unique numeric code.

Cookies facilitate the interaction between the user and the application and help the user to navigate between the different parts of an application. Cookies can also be used to make the content of the application more relevant to the user and to adapt it to his personal taste and needs. It is important to note that functionally necessary cookies may be placed without your consent, while the use of performance cookies and other non-functional tags or files does require your consent. Such permission can be given by clicking on the appropriate button in the application.

Fost Plus uses the following cookies or pixel tags in the Click application.


1. Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary in order to use the application and certain parts of it.  These cookies allow you, for example, to navigate between the different sections or to fill in forms. If you refuse these cookies, certain parts of the applications will not work or will not work properly.

It concerns the following cookies:

Name of cookie: Single Session ID

Purpose of cookie: Optimal use of the application

Applicable storage period: Session data is stored in the database and is kept only as long as the session requires it for.


2. Analytics cookies

We use analytics cookies to collect information about the use of the application in order to improve the content, to adapt it more to the preferences of the users and to increase its ease of use. For example, there is a cookie that helps us count the number of unique users and a cookie that keeps track of which sections are most popular.

It concerns the following cookies:

Name of cookie: Google Analytics

Purpose of cookie: Monitoring use and success of the webapp

Applicable storage period: Expires at the end of the session


3. Cookie management

You can configure your browser so that it does not install our cookies on your hardware. The help or settings function in the menu list of most web browsers explains how to refuse the installation of cookies through your browser settings, how to make sure your browser notifies you that you will receive a new cookie and also how to delete the cookies already installed from your computer or mobile device at any time. Please note, however, that in this case you will not be able to use all functions of the website to their full extent (see: functional cookies).

Please proceed as follows:

On the following website, you can find the way to refuse cookies for the most common browsers: (Engels).

For further information: (an online explanation on privacy, online advertisements and behavioral advertising, written by the online advertising industry).